National Selection Committee

Brian Gagosh Nayyar

Dr Brian is an assistant professor of botany at University of Sialkot, Sialkot. His area of interests are molecular characterization of phytopathogens; biocontrol of phytopathogens; protein-protein interaction assays; RNAi mediated gene silencing; and infection assays to gain insights into regulation of autophagy, plant immunity and systemic acquired resistance.

Muhammad Yasir

Dr.  Yasir serves as a research scientist at Quadram Institute Norwich, UK where he specialises as a bacterial geneticist. His scholarly pursuits revolve around the elucidation of antibiotic resistance mechanisms and the adaptive strategies employed by bacteria when confronted with challenging stress environments. Notably, his expertise lies in harnessing functional genomic tools to dissect intricate biological processes that hold significant relevance for bacterial viability and persistence.

Pervez Anwar

Dr Pervez is Director ORIC (office of research, innovation and commercialization) at University of Sialkot, Sialkot. He holds a PhD in “Food Biochemistry”. He is working within the area of solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME), analysis of phenolic compounds, volatile compounds, fatty acids, sterols, diglycerides, carotenoids and tocopherols through advanced chromatographic techniques.

Azmat Ullah Khan

Dr Azmat is an assistant professor at University of Gujrat. He is primarily engaged in studying plant-microbe interactions, genome editing, and the genetic modification of plants. His research also encompasses RNA Seq and NGS data analysis, along with structural biology. This involves tasks such as predicting protein structures and conducting comparative molecular dynamic simulations to elucidate protein function and structure differences after genome editing.

Muhammad Farhan-Ul-Haque

Dr Farhan-Ul-Haque is a molecular microbiologist and microbial geneticist working as an Assistant Professor at the School of Biological Sciences, University of the Punjab Lahore. His research interests involve microbial genetics, molecular microbial ecology, environmental biotechnology, microbial genomics and metagenomics. He has pioneered several molecular tools involving genetic engineering and next generation genomic techniques to study the microbiology of various systems (animals, plants, soil and water) during his more than a decade research experience in Europe, UK and USA and has been awarded with several European and American awards and fellowships. 

Ayesha Mushtaq

Dr Ayesha is a Head of Biochemistry Department at Sardar Bahadur Khan Women's University, Quetta. Her research focuses on Nanotechnology, Clinical Biochemistry and Plant Biotechnology. Recent research focuses on improvement of Wheat growth in dry and saline areas by using controlled release fertilizers and silicon supplementation.

Anjum Zehra Naqvi

Dr Anjum Zehra Naqvi is an assistant professor of Microbiology at department of microbiology, University of Karachi, Karachi. Her area of interests are; antimicrobial activity of different herbs and synthetic nanoparticles, antimalarial drugs and microbial ecology. She focuses on product-based research using local resources to serve the community as much as possible.

Muhammad Naveed

Dr Naveed is an associate professor and head of department, biotechnology at University of Central Punjab, Lahore. His research primarily focuses on Bioinformatics, Molecular Biotechnology, Genomics, Nano-informatics, Vaccine Designing, and Drug Designing against infectious diseases.

Hazir Rehman

Dr. Hazir Rahman is graduated from Georg-August University, Gottingen, Germany. Currently, he is working as Head/Associate Professor at the Department of Microbiology, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan. Dr. Rahman is working on microbial genomics and proteomics, and his focus area is antimicrobial resistance and identification of disease biomarkers.