GetGenome addresses inequitable access to genomics across the globe. Genomics has become an integral component of life science research as high-throughput DNA sequencing becomes increasingly affordable. However, inequitable access to genomics technology and training remains prevalent resulting in reduced scientific and commercial output.

GetGenome believes that genomics technology and genomics-related education should be available to all and has developed a bottom-up concept to empower individuals.

Through our Call For Projects, you chose the organism, GetGenome does the genome sequencing thus responds to the needs of the scientific community. We engage with participants in a series of training workshops to help them understand, interpret and share their data with the community.

We operate Call for Projects (CFPs) within geographical regions or research communities. Follow us on Twitter to hear about open CFPs. If your project is in-scope, then you can submit your project using the application form associated with that CFP.

We’re just getting started so we can’t cover all countries and organisms immediately. However, we would like to hear from you so we can plan ahead based on the needs of the community. You can reach us here to express your interest and support. You can also express your interest through Twitter.

In our early phase, we’ll operate CFPs in just a few countries, but we plan to expand. Please get in touch to express your interest.

We will provide the genome sequence of your organism of interest and help you develop the bioinformatics skills to interrogate the data. We will also help you to publish your data as an open science publication. See here for current list of GetGenome sponsored publications.

Nothing! GetGenome will cover the cost of genome sequencing and associated support and training.

We do not benefit directly. However, through the provision of equitable access to genomics technology, education and promoting open science publication, GetGenome empowers scientists to benefit humankind.

You will always own your material and data and maintain agency over its distribution and use. GetGenome will never pass your material or data to anyone for opportunistic purposes. Transfer of material and sequences occurs between you, us and a third party sequence provider. GetGenome and third parties will merely act as service providers. We also store a culture of your isolate in a state-of-the-art storage BIOBank for safe keeping and your own peace of mind.

No, GetGenome does not conduct research.

No. We do not require this. In fact, we cannot co-author on your research papers. An acknowledgement would be at your discretion.

Publishing data that has been generated via GetGenome support on a free-to-publish and free-to-access platform is a prerequisite for the support. Refusal to publish the data would undermine GetGenome's public benefit requirement.

GetGenome is a strong advocate of open-science publication because we believe publicly funded research should be made available to the public without charge. Equally, we believe that scientists should be able to publish their data for the benefit of everyone, including themselves, without cost.

GetGenome does not host data. We work with scientists to deposit data on NCBI and Zenodo. If you have trouble accessing your data, please contact the relevant platform.

We are happy to hear from you at We will endeavour to respond to you quickly.