GetGenome joins CLIMB-BIG-DATA and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in The Gambia

Alongside colleagues from the Quadram Institute, The London School of Tropical Medicine and the University of Oxford, GetGenome joined the team at CLIMB-BIG-DATA to visit the Medical Research Council (MRC) unit in the Gambia, a hub of cutting-edge research in the heart of West Africa. The MRC The Gambia is exploiting state-of-the-art sequencing technology to deliver world class research in clinical molecular and microbiology.

CLIMB abroad

CLIMB-BIG-DATA (Cloud Infrastructure for Microbial Bioinformatics) is a resource dedicated to providing computation infrastructure and training services for the microbiology research community. The cloud-based infrastructure utilises dedicated Juypitor notebook servers to support the global research community. Scientists at The MRC The Gambia are taking advantage of this infrastructure to facilitate their research.

GetGenome joined the consortium to gain insights into how CLIMB caters to the specific needs of the Gambian research community and, by extension, contributes to advancements in microbiology on a global scale. During the stay at the MRC, the GetGenome engaged in discussions, workshops and collaborative sessions with CLIMB-BIG-DATA team.

One of the focal points of the expedition was to identify potential collaborators for future campaigns in the region. The team actively sought opportunities to connect with local researchers to explore avenues for joint projects that could have a meaningful impact on both regional and global microbiology research. Moreover, GetGenome aimed to assess the demand and appetite for its support services in The Gambia. By interacting with the local research community, the team aimed to gauge the specific needs and challenges faced by researchers in the region and tailor their support accordingly.

Outlook for the Future

The groundwork has been laid for potential collaborations that could bridge the gap between GetGenome, CLIMB-BIG-DATA and the vibrant scientific community in The Gambia and beyond. We are looking forward to exploring these new opportunities.