#GGPlasmidSeq2023 - GetGenome Expands Free Plasmid Sequencing Worldwide

In a groundbreaking move, the GetGenome Call For Projects (#GGPlasmidSeq2023) has expanded its reach, now encompassing much of Latin America, Africa and several countries across Asia. This expansion opens the doors for researchers in over 100 countries around the world to apply to GetGenome for complimentary plasmid sequencing - an essential tool in molecular biology research.

Plasmids, commonly used as vectors in molecular biology, play a pivotal role in genetic research and experimentation. These small, circular DNA molecules serve as carriers for important genetic material, making them indispensable tools for scientists working in various fields.

The GetGenome initiative #GGPlasmidSeq2023 is set to have an important impact on the global scientific community. By offering free plasmid sequencing, GetGenome aims to remove financial barriers and technological restraints that researchers often face, ensuring that innovative projects can flourish. The move underscores GetGenome's commitment to democratize genomics, promote research best-practice and facilitate cutting-edge research in diverse scientific communities.

As the application window for #GGPlasmidSeq2023 is now open, researchers are encouraged to apply for support -


Please find the application form for our GGPlasmidSeq CFP below. We can help you rapidly characterise and verify your plasmids! Please review our instruction d…

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